Important Resident Reminders

Based upon feedback that has been received by the Architectural Control Committee and the Board of Directors, we would like to make the following three recommendations to our Sea Pointe Estates neighbors:

1. Please make a sincere effort to pick up after your dogs at the Dog Park/Marbella Meadows, along the common areas and between these sites if you are on a long walk with your dog(s). It is important that you pay attention to your dog's droppings while socializing at the Dog Park, especially in instances where your dog should wander a distance away from you. We continue to receive complaints of dog droppings at the Dog Park, along sidewalks and even in the streets that dog droppings have not been picked up. Please refrain from letting your dog(s) urinate on your neighbor's yards and landscaping. The urine attracts other dogs and kills the plants and grass. All dogs must be walked on a leash within our community. It is common practice for dogs to be allowed off leash at the Dog Park/Marbella Meadows. If your dog is not well socialized or you have safety concerns, you should proceed with caution and alert your neighbors.

2. Please collect your trash containers in a timely fashion. Trash containers should be put away and out of sight by no later than Thursday evening. If you are going to be out of town and have made arrangements to have someone else put away your trash containers, make sure they follow this timeline.

3. Please maintain your home and landscape as outlined in the CC&R's. Exterior paint and trim should be well maintained. Trees and palms should have regular trimming of branches and fronds to avoid being hit by cars, walked into by pedestrians or obstructing street lighting. Keep in mind that all trees are subject to height restrictions based upon roof height in multistory homes or specified limits in single story homes. Please refer to the CC&R's or contact Keystone for more information. It is recommend that you trim your trees beyond the specified height or limit to avoid immediate overgrowth. Management and the Board continue to find Homeowners who are repeatedly in violation two to three months after trimming occurs due to neglect and failure to implement routine tree and landscape maintenance services. Anticipating re-growth is the first step to ensuring compliance and your efforts will be appreciated not only by the Board and Management, but on a Community-wide level among your neighbors.