Ready, Set, Go! Fire Protection

Dear Sea Pointe Resident,

The Board of Directors works with the Orange County Fire Authority to make sure our perimeter areas meet all fire standards for ‘defensible space’.  Inspections are made in the early spring of each year, to give us time to make sure we are in compliance.

This is one side of our defensive efforts. The other side represents steps that each homeowner should take to make sure they have ‘defensible space’ around their homes. Defensible space around your home means that there are selective plantings on the sides and rear of your house that are designed to reduce the fire hazard to your property.

The Orange County Fire Authority has prepared an excellent booklet called READY,  SET, GO. “This publication will give you the tips and tools to successfully prepare for a wildfire …The most important person in protecting your life and property is not the firefighter, but you…It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the next major wildfire will occur in Orange County.

READY: Create a defensible home

Set: Prepare your family

Go: Leave home early. Give your family the best chance of surviving a wildfire.