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December 22, 2014

This is an update on the pool renovation.

  • The pool and spa are heated and ready for use.
  • All appliances in the clubhouse are ready for use.
  • The TV and bluetooth are ready for use.
  • The heating system for the clubhouse is ready.
  • The hot water for the shower is on.
  • The fireplace is ready.
  • The BBQ on the tennis court side of the clubhouse is charcoal fired and ready.
  • The two BBQs nearest the parking lot are propane types and need to be converted to natural gas. Not ready yet.
  • The fire pit is not ready.
  • Your pool area key will open the first gate. To use the clubhouse, you will have to schedule with Sari and get the key from the guardhouse. This key opens the backdoor.
  • We are working on an instruction guide on how to use everything. Coming shortly.

November 3, 2014

Pool Renovation Progress Report for the Week of October 27. 

Breaking News: The construction fence has been removed 

The pool renovation Committee is pleased to report the project achieved substantial completion last week. This means we can request final inspections from the OC Health, Fire Authority, and City officials. This can take five to ten days. Once we have these certificates, the pool will be open for use.

An Open House will be held after the inspections are complete. A Grand Open House Celebration will be held on New Year’s Eve. More details to follow on both.

A quick summary of the project:

  • Clubhouse flooring complete.
  • Pool decking complete.
  • Roofing is complete. Gutters are installed.
  • Stucco and exterior painting are complete.
  • Pool and spa liners have been re-finished. New ceramic tile applied.
  • Restrooms are complete.
  • Appliances have been installed. Cabinetry is complete.
  • Landscaping inside the blue fence (now brown in color) is complete.
  • Stone work on both buildings complete.
  • Tongue and groove wood ceilings of both buildings complete.
  • BBQ areas complete.
  • New clubhouse and pool furniture has been ordered.
  • Phase 2 entry way will begin immediately after the final inspections are complete.
  • For the next two weeks or so, the contractor will be working on punch list items.

Bottom Line: The projected date for substantial completion was met.

Homeowners & Residents:

Pool Renovation Progress Report for the Week of October 13.

Attached are photos of the progress.  Specific items:

Clubhouse flooring complete.

  • Finish stucco application has begun.
  • Loggia 4 roofing has begun.
  • Pool concrete decking complete.
  • Tile on floors and walls of restrooms 90% complete.
  • Pool tile installation 50% complete.
  • Stone work on both buildings complete.
  • Tongue and groove wood ceilings of both buildings 90% complete.
  • Exterior cleanup work has begun.
  • New pool heaters set in place.
  • Security cameras ordered
  • Audio/Visual equipment ordered.

Bottom Line: The project is on target for substantial completion by the end of October.

Pool Renovation Progress Report for the Week of September 21.

Specific items:

  • Stone work essentially complete on both buildings
  • Wood ceiling complete in clubhouse room. Work has started on all four loggias.
  • Painting has begun on both buildings
  • Pool concrete coping complete.
  • Demolition of the pool equipment complete. Ready for re-install.
  • Exterior fascia trim installation essentially complete on both buildings.
  • New fire sprinkler system installed in both buildings. Underground piping with connection to water main in street 80% complete.
  • Granite countertops for kitchen cabinets installed.
  • Decorative concrete bands for pool decking complete.
  • Prep work for the pool decking has begun.

You are invited to the Construction Open House between 2-4 PM, Sunday, September 28. Don’t miss this. It will be fun and exciting to see the progress.

The next progress report will be sent out the week of October 16.

Bottom Line: The project is on target for substantial completion by the end of October.

 Thank you: All the residents who live on Merced for putting up with all the construction traffic and street crossing. You are soooo UNDERSTANDING!!

September 23, 2014

Sea Pointe Residents,

Phase I of the Sea Pointe Clubhouse renovation is nearing completion (area inside the blue fence).  We expect most major construction elements to be finished by late October with the pool re-opening approximately Nov 1st.  The clubhouse will also be substantially finished with the possibility of minor punch list items being completed during November.  The Board is planning an open house to showcase the progress Sept 28th from 2-4 PM.  We encourage you to attend to see the clubhouse progress and also ask any questions about Phase II.

Phase II of the renovation will begin shortly after Phase I is completed.  This work includes security enhancements and elements outside the blue fence; Security Cameras, Entry Hardscape, Landscaping and Lighting, Playground Update.  All together we estimate these elements will cost approximately $200K.  Some of these expenses are accounted for in reserves and some expenses are considered in the operating budget. Individual construction elements have been identified that fall below the 56k threshold required for community vote.  One construction element cost is 100k.  Legal counsel has issued an opinion that this element can be broken into fiscal years. 2014 and 2015. 55k for 2014 and 45k for 2015.  The Board will be able to proceed without having a community vote.

The Board wants to be very transparent about the capital expenditures.   Our CC&R’s require that we get community approval before spending more than 5% of the operating budget on capital improvements.  In our case this amount is $56K.  By doing some work this year and some work next year we will AVOID the time and cost required to take another community vote.  (Typically we do not receive enough votes and must go out a second time adding cost and losing time.)  We believe that the first vote where the community approval of the pool and clubhouse renovation was supported by 87% of respondents provides overwhelming evidence of the wishes of the community.

After the completion of Phase II the pool, clubhouse and surrounding grounds will reflect the updated vision we have for Sea Pointe and will be a more fitting representation of the neighborhood we love.

Please plan to attend the community open house September 28th from 2-4 PM to see the progress we have made and if you would like to comment on the plan or have questions.

Pool Renovation Progress Report for the Week of September 1.

Specific items:

  • Stone work continues on clubhouse building
  • Wood ceiling complete in clubhouse room. Next week the crew will begin work in the loggias.
  • Painting has begun in pool building
  • Concrete forming has begun for pool coping.
  • Final contract for new pool equipment finalized. Work to begin September 8.
  • Exterior fascia trim installation has begun on the clubhouse.
  • New electrical panel installation complete.

Bottom Line: The project is on target for substantial completion by the end of October.

September 2, 2014

You are invited to an Open House between 2-4 PM, Sunday, September 28. The ad hoc committee members will be on hand to explain the progress on the renovation and answer questions. We expect the outer walls of both the Clubhouse and the Pool Equipment building to be essentially complete with the stone work, finished stucco and pre-cast concrete trim. You have already seen photos of the beautiful cabinetry.

Each week we will send out this invitation and identify additional progress made during the week. Also, plan to attend a gala Construction Complete Party, tentatively set for either November 22 or December 6 (this will give us time to complete the punch list items). The Women's Club will organize the party.  The substantial completion date for the renovation is scheduled for late October.

Progress Report

  • Two coats of stucco on both buildings complete
  • Stone work complete on pool building. And started on clubhouse.
  • Precast concrete window and door trim complete. Both buildings.
  • BBQ islands foundation in progress
  • Engineer stake-out for pool decking complete.

August 18, 2014 Update

Highlights of the progress are identified below:

  • The kitchen, video and alcove cabinets have been installed. The beautiful custom built units have a luxurious finish.
  • The drywall in the clubhouse and pool equipment buildings has been completed.
  • The insulation has been installed in both buildings
  • The first coat of stucco finish has been completed. The second coat is 50% complete. The third and final, finish coat will be complete by August 30.
  • About 50% of the deck drains have been installed. The remaining drains will be completed by August 30.
  • Roofing shingles have been delivered and placed on the roof.
  • The stone for the exterior walls was delivered August 15 (see photo)
  • Installation of the stone will begin the week of August 18.
  • Painting will begin the week of August 18.
  • The beautiful precast concrete trim for the windows and doors will be delivered by August 18, not completed. Check out the precast stone at the front gate to get an idea of how this will look. Same type of stone, color and design.
  • The floor tile for the clubhouse has been delivered.
  • Fluegge Construction is doing an excellent job of scheduling material deliveries and subcontractors as well as providing excellent workmanship.
  • We have experienced two minor vandalism acts. Our response to that has been to post ‘No Trespassing’ signs and install 24/7 video recording devices. These devices are wireless and transmit directly to recording drives and video display at the guardhouse.  Any observation of trespassing will trigger an immediate call to the sheriff’s department for response.
  • We are providing daily oversight of all critical details of this project.

Bottom Line: The project is on track for use in October.

June 24, 2014 Update

  • There has been very little progress on the renovation work this month due to a delay in getting approval for the fire sprinkler system for the project. The plans called for a “Deferred Submission” of the plans.
  • Once the plans were submitted, we were surprised at the extensive re-design required.
  • It was originally planned to upgrade the existing sprinkler system for the clubhouse. The projected cost was $5,000.
  • The plan approved by the Orange County Fire Authority called for both buildings to be sprinkled. In addition, a dedicated four inch new water line will have to be installed. The line will be tapped into the main water line in the street. Installation to be complete with backflow preventers. The total cost of this work is $35,000. The bulk of this cost is for the new water line installation.
  • Joleen Kahn, our board member, volunteered to research the requirements for this upgrade. This included the relevant fire codes, coordinating with OCFA officials, our contractor and two architects. Joleen did an outstanding job on the research. But the final conclusion was the renovation was classified as a commercial project and the old residential designation could not be used.
  • As a result, your Board of Directors voted unanimously to authorize the approval of the fire sprinkler design.
  • All rough-in for electrical, plumbing, heating and framing has been completed. Once the fire sprinkler system is installed, a rough-in inspection will be scheduled. At that point, close-in of the two buildings will begin.
  • We are on target for an October substantial completion date.

May 22, 2014 Update

  • Underground utilities installed to connect pool and clubhouse buildings.
  • Electrical rough-in complete.
  • Plumbing rough-in complete
  • Heating system rough-in complete
  • Fireplace rough-in 80% complete.
  • Windows and doors ordered.
  • The Construction Open House was a success. Approximately 52 residents toured the construction site.

April 24, 2014 Update

The pool renovation committee will have a construction open house at the pool from 2-4 PM, Sunday, May 4. Committee members will be on hand for a Q & A.  Excellent progress has been made and the impact of the renovation can be clearly seen. This is an exciting time for our community and we encourage all of our residents to visit the open house.

April 15, 2014 Update

  • Building paper installed at Pool House roof.
  • Pool House electrical rough in complete.
  • Clubhouse south portico framing and sheathing 90% complete.
  • South portico saddle roof connected to clubhouse roof complete.
  • North portico framing and sheathing 60 % complete.
  • North portico saddle roof connected to clubhouse roof complete.
  • Clubhouse heating system 50% roughed in.
  • Photos below show construction progress as of the above date.

March 14, 2014 Update

  • Demolition 100 % complete
  • Concrete footings 90% poured
  • Slabs 50 % poured and finished
  • South portico 80 % framed
  • The pool committee met with the architect and interior designer. All colors and materials have been selected. The interior designer will prepare a color board. The colors and materials will be photographed, identified and included in the next report.

February 17, 2014 Update

  • Demolition 90 % complete.
  • Concrete footings 90 % formed.
  • New concrete footings to be poured approximately March 1.
  • New framing will begin approximately March 1.
  • The construction team leaders met February 13 to review progress and plan for the next few weeks.
  • In the photographs below the team leaders are shown: from left to right. Lee, the onsite superintendent ; Grant Fluegge, general contractor; Ralph Jeffery, soils engineer; Larry Armstrong, resident, pool committee chairman; Brett Coombs, architect; not shown: Bruce Stout, landscape architect; David Abernathy, Board President.

The reports above have been prepared by:
Larry Armstrong
David Abernathy

January 23, 2014 Update

We finally have the City permits in hand and have wasted no time in starting the demolition process of the Clubhouse renovation.  Demolition started Tuesday, January 21.

Please contact Sari Welch at Keystone Management for any questions on the project.

Highlights of the Pool/Clubhouse Renovation

    • New roofs with simulated slate tiles to match the front gate guardhouse.
    • New stucco to match color and texture of the front gate stucco.
    • Replace concrete pool decking with stone.
    • Install new windows and doors.
    • New kitchen ‘bumpout’ in clubhouse with stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and granite counter tops. See plans.
    • New BBQ areas with natural gas, counter tops and sitting areas.
    • Beautiful new pool entrance area with gates and pillars. The main entrance will be from the parking lot to the pool area. See plans
    • New covered porticos on either side of the clubhouse. See plans.
    • Folding glass patio doors on either side of the clubhouse to provide access to both porticos.
    • Tile flooring in clubhouse.
    • New cabinets with granite counter tops in clubhouse.
    • Extensive landscaping with new trees, plants, water features and pots.
    • Clubhouse to be designed for multimedia capability.
    • Upgraded furniture and fixtures