Dwelling Live Gate Updates

If you would like to add guests that you are expecting for access to the gate house, please click here.

Transponder Information

If your transponder quits working notify the guard or the management company and you will be contacted to arrange for a replacement at no charge..DO NOT REMOVE the transponder yourself or you will have to pay the $20 reprogramming charge. Click here to get the transponder and GateWorks Form.

Rats, Mice, Birds, Bees, Ants and Others

Having problems with rats, mice, birds, bees, ants and/or other creatures? Contact the Orange County Vector Control, http://www.ocvcd.org. They provide free on-site inspection, literature and guidance to control disease carrying critters.

Emergency Home Information

If there were an emergency in your home, do you know how to cutoff the electrical power, the gas, and the water? Each of these three utilities can be shut down by the flip of a switch or the turn of a valve. In a crisis, it is so important to be armed with this information.

Both the woman and the man of the house should be aware of where these cutoffs are and how to shut them down.

One of our neighbors, David Abernathy, 248-8170, email: socal2@cox.net, has volunteered to help any SPE homeowner locate these cutoffs for their home and show them how to operate the switches and valves.

Helpful Links

Earthquake Preparedness

Fire Preparedness


  • Official Time of Day www.time.gov If you need the exact time this is the site.

Home Improvement


  • www.orchidlady.com A great site for information about orchids.
  • www.uccemg.com The University of California Master Gardner Site. They can answer all your specific questions about your garden.


Computer Links