Sea Pointe currently has a five member board and two continuous committees – landscaping and architecture. In addition the Women’s club is responsible for social activities. In additions an ad-hoc capital equipment oriented committee is formed on a temporary basis.

Board of Directors

The board consists of a five member committee that meets on a monthly basis making the primary decisions for the community. There is a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member at large.

The board typically meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the clubhouse. The board meeting is divided into an Executive Session and a General Session. The public is invited to attend the general session scheduled to begin about one hour after the Executive session.

This board encourages the participation of the homeowners, which is the time for homeowners to directly reveal any issues they have with the community. Other issues or complaints should be emailed or sent by postal to the Keystone Management person (Shey Manafian).

The minutes are available and will be posted each month after the boards meeting.


Landscape Control Committee

The Landscape Committee is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of the Sea Point Estates common areas, which include the entrance area and medians. The committee currently consists of five members and representatives from the regular maintenance staff. The committee performs monthly walk-rounds’ looking for required maintenance projects and monitoring for fire control issues. The committee publishes a report for the board after its monthly meetings. The committee encourages the homeowners to become active participants in the community by finding ways to acknowledge neighbors whose yard stands out from the rest.

The committee is also involved in reviewing properties where upon a height violation, which is reported back to the board.

The hired landscape maintenance staff follows a regular schedule identifying the areas where service is being provided each and every month.

Typically meetings are scheduled on the first Monday following the board meeting, which normally occurs on the second Wednesday of each month.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is established under the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) to review and approve plans for improvements to homeowner and common area property. The Architectural Committee also has the authority to permit improvements that are at variance with the CC&Rs, so long as they are in basic conformity with general architectural style and overall design of the neighborhood. It is important that each member understands the full impact of his or her decisions and, given proper guidelines by the Board of Directors, the ACC can be a productive and positive force within any community.

To assist you in planning your project, the Architectural Control Committee Rules are found on the Documents web page. If you have questions, please contact the ACC (Committees web page).

Please obtain ACC approval before taking an action that would alter your property (this includes major landscaping projects; construction of decks, pools, additions; and staining fences, etc.) Any change to your property is called an "improvement". The Architectural Control Committee – Improvement Request Form must be completed and submitted through Keystone Pacific Management to the Architectural Committee (ACC) with a plan showing the design of the improvement for structural changes or building/shed additions. The ACC must approve the plan prior to construction of the improvement. Once approved, you may commence construction.

Women’s Club

The Women’s club typically is responsible for organizing social activities through out the year. Events such as Wine Tasting, Xmas Party, and others are representative.

Ad-Hoc Committee

From time-to-time an ad-hoc committee is formed to assure the proper execution of a significant capital improvement. If you have an idea that you would like the committee to consider please email Keystone management

Ideas and recommendations will be consolidated by the committee and then proposed to the board during the monthly committee reports.